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Garden Railroading
I enjoy making Natural Edged Bowls.   I enjoy sharing my woodturning and  I offer classes so you can "Learn to Turn".  On this site you will see a video of me making a bowl in my San Jose shop.   I also have a video of a Interview with the San Jose Mercury News.  My woodturning Studo was in San Jose Ca., until 2014.  We have relocated to Los Banos Ca. and I have a new shop as you will see.  Since we have been here we have  participated in a few craft fairs.  I have  signed up for some more for this next year.  Join me if you can in my woodturning world...

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I actually am involved with two types of lasers.  The first type is the "Laser Diode".  These are low power and the commmon use is in "pointers". 

The second type of my lasers I have is the Co2 type.  This type is high power system and can be very dangerous.  It requires a chiller to keep water running through the tube to keep the heat down.  This laser is a "Morn" Laser engraver.  This machine is used to cut or engrave wood and acrylic.

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We enjoy Model Railroading and Trains.    For me it started with a Lionel set on my fifth Christmas.  Later it was HO scale. Many years and layouts later, a friend came by for a visit and introdused my wife and I to "G" scale!   ...  I sold the forty year collection of HO trains and used the money to go bigger!  Hello G scale!  Just think trains in your garden Honey.  We are now in the process of building our new RR empire.  Until the weather clears we are  making scale buildings  using the laser  and using acrylic instead of wood.  I build and my wife, QA's and then paints them. 

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