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Moccasin Gap RR

We are starting over

We are currently making G Scale Buildings.  I am using Acrylic and cutting it with my Laser engraving machine.  The acrylic will withstand the outdoors  better than wood.  We are using exterior paint and a final clear coat for further protection. I make most of the buildings in 1:24 scale.  That is the most poplar size and it goes along with the comerical building we all have.


​We moved in to our new home in the middle of Oct, 2017.  This room has been clamed for the new Railroad.  We started by adding a wooden floor to cover the cold ugly concrete.  Our intension is to create a "Train Room" for a place to work on the RR stuff away from the sawdust of the garage etc.  The  3D printing will also be out there  away from the garage sawdust.
I am interested in California Narrow gauge with the South Pacific Coast RR, and West Side Lumber having a strong influence for us.  

I have chosen to use Battery power fo all my Locos.  There is no track power.  I use Air Wire RC for control.  The range of control is more than 75 feet.
Rich Johnson Garden Railroading & Lasers