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Welcome to the Moccasin Gap Garden Railroad

Update 4/15:
Finally we are going out side.  Jeff helped me build the "Wall" and then we added the inside tunnel (left image) portal.  I need to send it to the paint department soon.  It is made it out of acrylic using my Laser machine.  A slide door was installed to keep critters out.  We then added a tunnel portal with a slide door to the out side .
To support the table I wanted to use fence posts, but I did not want to dig holes, so we collected up some buckets and used half a bag of the cement to support the posts for the tables.  Now we can set the track on something solid.  We got the bridge ready and then covered things up expecting rain.
The Rain has moved on.  We sold some building at the club swap meet last week (4/18)and now have added the tabels for the RR yard.  After a few attempts this track design was decided on.  Clear the tables off again .....

Tracks are usually setup with ballest and we found the perfect thing at our local HD.  Self adhisive roofing for low pitch roofs.   With help, a couple pieces were cut to length out on the driveway and placed on the new tables.  Did I mention the stickey stuff??  Once the ballest was down and trimmed, tracks are next.

So we put some track down and got out a Loco and did some switching .... not what we expected and not fun.  So we redesigned the tracks and tried again.  This was better and more fun.  Now it is time to add track around the yard.  I am connecting up to the fence.  The fence is new and will work until we add the towns and industries.     
So far I have track all the around the back and out to the wee hoose.  I will also begain the next section on the side of the Wee Hoose to create another table for more storage and switching.  I have a shed I can use for storage of all the track stuff, But It is VERY HOT in there.  We now have a place where we can sit and enjoy the Moccasin Gap RR.  
MY neighbor SAL (origionally from Monterey in the '70's) has been helping with this project.  With the track all the way to the Wee Hoose we gotta test it.  He really enjoys seeing and watching the trains operate. 
The track goes all the way behind the Wee Hoose and Shed now, and is functional.  The  new tables are up and ready for track on the outside of the Wee Hoose.  

There is a new roof now on the Wee Hoose and it is ready for it's new tables.  This will be used for staging and storage of the buildings and trains if and when we are not operating,  maybe when the rains come back next year.

Now I need one more section to connect to the first table to complete the trip around this part of the back yard.  A serious lift out or the lift bridge must be setup.  I am hoping by the weekend we will be able to run a train all the way around.   Can't wait.
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