Garden Railroading

G Scale Buildings

Moccasin Gap RR

 Construction has started 

We are currently making G Scale Buildings.  I am using Acrylic and cutting it with my Laser engraving machine.  The acrylic will withstand the outdoors  better than wood.  We are using exterior paint and a final clear coat for further protection. I make most of the buildings in 1:24 scale.  That is the most poplar size and it goes along with the comerical building we all have.


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I am interested in California Narrow gauge with the South Pacific Coast RR, and West Side Lumber having a strong influence for us.  

I have chosen to use Battery power fo all my Locos.  There is no track power.  I use Air Wire RC for control.  The range of control is more than 75 feet.

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And so it begins.  The creation of the Moccasin Gap Railroad and the Bull Frog logging co. This railroad will be a little different than what we are use to.  We are in a rental home hopefully for years, so I must pay attention to what I can do.  We made a comand decision not to go on the ground this time. The ground is just too far away at our age. We will try to use the fence to get us around the yard.  

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L.B. Layout