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2019 at the Moccasin Gap Garden Railroad


The rains have stopped and now we get to deal with the wind, the Sun and the BIRDS.

Spring has sprung and we have leaves in the trees again and we get to welcome the birds back.

The first project is to get water to the flowers.  The roses were the most important.  That was compleated by May 1. 


Umbrellas were added to protect the railroad from the sun. 

The rails can cause a BAD burn if touched. 

I had to add another Umbrella to the Patio table where we can sit in the shade. 

The umbrella is Not for the sun,  It is protection from the birds and their messes.


Two umbrellas are needed here to keep the railroad protected from all the falling stuff, did I mention the birds? .... 

This is Bullfrog Logging.  The project here is to provide some kind of shade.  I CAN NOT come back here in the afternoons, it's just to darn hot ..... ​

My idea is use the garden shade cloth from HD to block the sun. 

Hopefully this will be done before Mothers day.

This is what I came up with.  3 frames are 48" wide x 66" tall.  One extra frame is 48" x 56" so it will fit under the eve above the tunnel portal.  I have one end of the frame sitting on a shelf that is mounted to the fence, with the other side leaning against the house.  The shade cloth goes over the wood frame and that is what is making contact with the stucko.  I did that instead of letting the wood touch the stucko.   Now I can actually go in this area with out sun or heat issues.         Installed 5/12

Our area was hit with a weather system the third week of May and it brought lots of rain and wind.  As the system leaves the shade cloths seem fine.  Next will be the summer sun ... 
More to do's for 2019:

All the locations are to be renamed.  For example, San Jose = Moccasin Gap, Los Gatos = Camps, Wrights = Wrights Station, Ardenwood new name TBD, Centerville new name TBD, and Newark = Splinters Saw mills,  then new control panels will get remade and installed.

Tracks have been cleaned in all areas.

I need to fix an issue caused by the Rains at Wrights, and I also added a new switch and track for a loco and its needs.  Completed by 5/13

This is the old damaged boards.           The new replaced boards. 5/13        A New bridge to go here. 

A bridge is needed at the end of the above  area to go over the hose bib and timer that was  added for the flowers.

We have BIG winds often so I need to add fences to the edges of the yard area at Moccasin Gap and Splinters.  Hopefully this will help keep stuff from going to the ground.  I have lost a couple pieces of rolling stock because of the wind.

I wanna add a snow shed and a tressel between Camps and Harris Ranch. 

I would like to expand track to the other side of the shed, and create a big return loop..

I need to make our own buildings for this Railroad.  The first one is a Farm house that fits in the "Corner" at Harris Ranch.  It is built now (5/15) & waiting to be painted.

Come back to see what's new and watch the growth of the our
Moccasin Gap Garden Railroad.
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